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My eye just caught the first sentence.

"Can God be trusted?"

My first thought was, "Of course He can be trusted! In fact, He is the only One who can really be trusted at all times."

But then I realised this might be a serious question to many people.

Can they trust God?

We trust people, especially those very close to us, and often they are the very ones to betray us and stab us in the back.

Unfortunately we then project what we have experienced with people onto God, thinking He is the same way.

However, God is not like us at all.

He can be trusted at all times, with all things.

He is faithful.

He keeps His word.

He is with you at all times, and He will never desert you.

You can open up to Him and tell Him all your deepest, darkest secrets, knowing He will not abandon you, He will not judge you, He will not embarrass you and He will not let the whole world in on the secrets you had shared with Him.

You can trust Him with you eternal salvation.

And you can also trust Him with your everyday life - you problems, your needs, your questions.

You can trust Him to lead you.

You can trust Him to teach you.

You can trust Him to protect you and provide for you.

You can trust Him to mould you and change you into the image of our Lord Jesus.

You can trust Him when He says He loves you, when He says He accepts you, when He says He forgives you.

You can trust Him as your Daddy God.

You can trust Him as your Saviour.

You can trust Him as the One living inside you, wanting to help you and comfort you.

In short, God can be trusted.

Put yourself in His hands, trust Him, and see how it changes your life!