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Every now and again I have people ask me a variation of the same question: "Am I good enough for God? Am I worthy?"

Maybe you have asked the same question yourself.

Today I want to set your mind at ease regarding this issue.

Yes, you are good enough.

Yes, you are worthy.

How do I know, since I don't know you personally?

Well, because Jesus made all of us good enough and worthy!

You see, it isn't your goodness that causes the Lord to love you or accept you.

It isn't because you are worthy in and of yourself that makes God take notice of you.

It is all about Jesus.

He is and was good enough and when you are in Him you are all He is, so you are good enough.

He certainly was worthy, so again the same principle applies - you are in Him, so His worth becomes your worth.

Everything Jesus is became yours when you were born again.

His righteousness became yours, so when God looks at you He sees the righteousness of Jesus.

His holiness became yours, so God sees His holiness when He looks at you.

Never again do you have to worry about being worthy enough of good enough for God.

Settle your mind once and for all with this truth: You are in Christ, and in Him you are all He is.

You are worthy because He made you worthy.

You are good enough because He made you good enough.

God loves you because He is love and He accepts you because you are in Christ.

Sleep well tonight knowing Jesus did it all for you!