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A while back I read quite a number of articles on web sites about time management.

I enjoyed some of the articles so much that I decided to subscribe to some of the sites.

One of the sites I subscribed to is called Hellomornings. The aim of this site is to challenge ladies to start each day by spending time with the Lord in His Word and in prayer, to have a time of exercise and then to plan your day.

I tried this, but I must admit I am lousy at the exercise and day planning bit.

I love spending time with the Lord though.

Yesterday I got an email from Hellomornings to introduce the new challenge for the next few weeks.

There was a little testimony from a mom of four as part of the email.

One thing this mom said just jumped off the page: "There is no such thing as a perfect morning routine. The goal is not a perfect morning. The goal is starting our morning with our perfect God."

That is so beautiful!

Our goal should always be to spend time with our perfect God.

I spend time with our perfect God every morning.

Maybe you don't have time to start your day with the Lord, so maybe you finish your day with our perfect God.

Or maybe you spend your lunch hour with our perfect God.

The point is to spend some time each day with our perfect God.

Transformation happens when we spend time in the presence of our perfect God.

His perfection rubs off on us, and little by little we are being changed into His very image.

If you are not already spending time with the Lord on a regular basis, I want to challenge you to start doing it.

Pick a time and place that is convenient, and make sure you will not be disturbed during this time.

Pray. Read your Bible. Journal. Meditate. Sing. Memorize Scripture.

Do whatever the Lord leads you to do.

Remember, there are no set rules about spending time with God.

There is no perfect way to do this.

Your goal should just be to spend regular time with our perfect God.