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A pastor was chatting to a couple who were on their way to work as missionaries. "Where are you off to?" he asked. With radiant faces, they answered, "We have no idea!"

He was surprised at first. How can you go be a missionary, and you don't know where you're going?

And then he realised why they didn't know their destination: "The reason you don't know is because you don't need to know because if you needed to know, you would know, but since you don't know, you must not need to know, because if you had needed to know by now, you would know by now, but since you don't know, you must not need to know because when you need to know, you'll know. If God is God, that must be true." (Read that again, it actually makes sense!) 

God makes His will known to us little by little, step by step. And He does it at exactly the right time. When you've taken one step, and God knows it's time for the next one, He will prompt you and show you what to do next. 

When you need to know, you'll know! 

Just to put your mind at ease, a few weeks later the couple did find out where they were supposed to go. When they needed to know, they knew!

PRAY WITH ME: Lord, thank you for showing me the way to go one step at a time. Help me be obedient to Your promptings and directions.