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As I was praying the other day I thanked the Lord for everything He did for us on the cross - dying in our place, taking our sins and giving us His righteousness. I thanked Him for loving us so much that He was actually willing to do this and for wanting us.

As I said those words I kind of stopped in mid sentence.

What an awesome thought!

God wants us!

He wants you and He wants me.

We were dead in our sins, doing whatever our fleshly desires and carnal minds led us to do - and God wanted us.

We were so far from Him, turning our backs on Him continually - and He wanted us.

With His lovingkindness and tender mercies He drew us to Him but for such a long time we didn't even notice His goodness in our lives  - and still He wanted us.

He didn't give up.

He pursued us and wooed us.

He showered us with love, with goodness, with mercy and grace.

He made sure we knew He loved us and wanted us.

And when we finally came to Him and acknowledged we wanted Him too, He took us into His arms never to let us go.

Take some time today to just ponder the fact that God wants you.

He will always want you - even during the times you might be far from Him or you might not want Him.

He will never stop loving you.

He will never stop wanting you.

You are wanted!