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A number of years ago the DVD "Indescribable, astronomical grace" by Louie Giglio was all the rage. You probably saw it too.

I've watched it more than once, and every time I am amazed. The universe is immense but the Lord put it together in a very specific and wonderful way.

God did all this by speaking only a word and He is still sustaining all things by His powerful word (Hebrews 1:3).

When I think about God creating the universe and still sustaining it, about Him creating things to fit and work together perfectly, about Him being almighty, then I wonder why we think He isn't able to solve our problems.

We might not voice it, but we often act as if we think God is sitting with His hands in His hair wondering what He should do to help us out of any given situation.

When Adam and Eve sinned, God immediately told them how He was going to solve the 'problem'.

His plan was in place even before they had sinned, so they didn't catch Him by surprise when they disobeyed Him.

God knows everything about every one of us. He knew us before we were born.

He lives outside of time, therefore He already knows about every mistake, every sin, every wrong choice we will ever make and He knows about every problem we will face. And He knows exactly what we need to do to 'fix' any of these.

The solution to my problem isn't necessarily the same as the solution you need, even when our situations are similar.

I need to go to the Lord and ask Him what I should do, what my solution is. In the same way you need to go to the Lord and ask Him what your solution is.

God isn't just able to help us, but He is also more than willing.

He created us to need Him and if we are honest, we will admit that we actually can't do anything without Him.

Do you need God's help today?

Then go to Him and ask Him for your solution. Don't do what others did who faced a similar problem.

Your solution is unique.

And once you know what to do, do it. Even when you think it won't work.

Trust the Lord.

He knows what He is doing!