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Little Johnny was about three years old when the following incident happened.

While playing outside he found a baby bird that must have fallen out of its nest. He ran to his mom to inform her about his find.

Mom came to have a look. 

Even though she didn't really want the baby bird in her house, she couldn't keep saying 'no' to Johnny's plea so she finally picked up the little bird and took it inside.

Johnny quickly found a box to place the bird in. He wanted to feed it and hold it and look at it all the time.

When dad came home Johnny took the bird out of its box in order to show it to him. But then he didn't want to put it back in the box.

Now he wanted to play with it.

Mom and dad warned him to be careful, but the little guy had his own idea on how to play with baby birds.

He wanted the little bird to feel what it's like to be on a trampoline so he placed it on a chair and began jumping up and down right next to it. 

Again dad warned him to be careful, but Johnny didn't listen.

While mom and dad were in the kitchen doing the dishes little Johnny suddenly came running in, tears streaming down his face. 

The inevitable happened.

The little bird was dead. 

Johnny had slipped while jumping on the chair and in his attempt to break his fall he had crushed the bird.

Later that evening Johnny's grandmother called and Johnny also got the opportunity to talk to her.

They chatted about a number of things and then Johnny said, "Grandma, we are going camping this weekend and the little bird is dead."

Unfortunately grandma's hearing isn't that good, so she only heard part of what he was saying and in response she said, "That's nice, dear!"

Her reaction came as a big shock to Johnny.

How can his grandma think it is nice when his little bird died?

Greatly disgusted he gave the telephone to his dad.

When Johnny's grandmother told me the story, it made me think about our relationship with the Lord.

He often warns us about things we want to do, or are already doing.

He tells us about the consequences if we keep doing it.

He shows us the way to stop doing what we shouldn't be doing as well as the right thing to do.

He even empowers us to do what He instructed us to do.

But then we choose not to listen.

We choose to go ahead and do things our way.

And when the inevitable happens and things go haywire, then we want to blame the Lord for not stopping us in time even though it was our choice to ignore His warnings.

When you examine your life, are there some things the Lord has warned you to stop doing, or maybe to begin doing?

Have you listened?

Don't make the same mistake as little Johnny.

Remember, the Lord knows best.

Listen to Him when He talks to you.

Take what He says to heart.

And then be obedient and follow His instructions!