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We are studying Paul's letters to Timothy as part of our Bible Study at church this week.

While preparing for the study I read these words in our study guide: "Seriously searching for sound teachings is vastly different from irresponsibly debating ideas without any intention of personal commitment. In one case the Word becomes flesh; in the other case the Word becomes words."

That last sentence jumped out at me.

It occurred to me that Jesus was the Word made flesh in more than one way.

I have always only understood Him to be the Word made flesh in the sense that in Him all prophesies (words of God) regarding Him came to manifestation.

But when I read that sentence I realised there is so much more to it.

Jesus took God's words, His instructions, and He put flesh around them by being obedient to them.

He is the perfect example of being a doer of the Word, not just a hearer.

We as God's children are to do the same.

We are to take God's instructions and put them into practice in our lives, and so give flesh to the Word of God.

When we do that, unbelievers will see the Word becoming flesh right before their very eyes, and it will draw them to the message of Christ.

Let us rely on the Holy Spirit to help us and work with Him to become doers of the Word.

Let us put flesh on the Word of God so unbelievers can see Jesus Christ living in us.