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I read a post on The Daniel Plan blog.

The writer tells about a man who weighed 425 pounds when he joined The Daniel Plan.

When the doctor asked him about his weight, the man said, "I have no control."

"Really," the doctor said, "Is that really the truth? You have absolutely no control over your eating?"

The man was quiet for a little while and then he said, "No. That really isn't true, I do have some control."

Seeing the truth in a statement we make about ourselves is very important.

How often do we say something as an automatic response, but if we really thought about what we've said, we would have to admit that only half of it is true or it isn't really true at all.

We tend to say negative things about ourselves, things that aren't necessarily true, but we've become so used to saying them, the words slip out before we even realise what we are saying.

Rick Renner used to be hyper-critical of himself. One day the Holy Spirit said to him, "How dare you continually talk so badly about yourself after the good work I've done inside you. Don't you know how marvellously I created you to be in Jesus Christ?" He then instructed Rick to stop speaking negatively about himself, and to start acknowledging the good things in him.

After the Holy Spirit spoke to him Rick began to notice how many times a day he said negative things about himself. So he made a decision to stop speaking such bad things about himself, and rather to line up his mouth with what the Lord is saying about him.

Do you say negative things about yourself?

Do you speak half-truths or say things that are not true about yourself?

When we were born again, God gave each one of us a new nature. This nature is like His own, for it was created according to His image in righteousness and true holiness (Ephesians 4:24). 

We need to do what the Holy Spirit instructed Rick to do.

We need to recognize who we are in Christ; we need to see the good the Lord has done in us.

When we do that, we will also begin to speak these positive things about ourselves - the actual truth about ourselves.

I want to challenge you today to begin listening to yourself.

What are you saying about yourself?

Does it line up with what the Lord is saying about you?

Start focusing on who the Lord says you are. Say that about yourself.

Focus on His truth instead of the lies of Satan.

God created you to be marvellous in Christ.

See yourself that way!