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Today I want to share two testimonies with you to encourage you and to let you know our Lord is so faithful and wonderful.

Danny attends our Bible study at church.

He takes care of a girl and her family because only the girl has a job and the family struggles a bit. 

A few weeks ago he bought them some basic necessities.

As he walked out of the store the Holy Spirit prompted him to walk down between two specific cars. 

And there, on the ground, he found a R50 note. He had just paid about R49 for the groceries.

When he told us the story, he cried. 

Isn't the Lord faithful?

On to the next testimony.

I told you about our new home.

Weeks before we decided to move our bookkeeper told my husband that there was a possibility of some money coming to us from SARS.

He had to submit certain documents and then SARS would decide whether they were going to pay the money or not.

After submitting the necessary information we kind of forgot about the whole affair.

Monday evening Hubby told me the bookkeeper called to say the payment had been approved, but we should not get our hopes up, they usually take a while before actually depositing the money into your account.

On Tuesday morning Hubby sent me a message to tell me that the money had been paid into his account.

It was exactly the same amount we had paid as deposit and for the first month's rent on our new home!

God is so wonderful.

He takes care of His children.

These are just two testimonies about God's care and faithfulness, but I can tell you many more.

Over the years I have seen God do amazing things at just the right time.

I know He can be trusted.

I know He is faithful.

I want to encourage you today - trust Him, He will not let you down!