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On Friday we spoke about the fact the loving God and others can sometimes mean we have to sacrifice, for we sometimes need to give of our time or money, or re-arrange our plans in order to love or serve. 

Sometimes we need to come out of our comfort zones in order to love and serve.

In Psalm 4 we find this verse: "Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and trust in the Lord" (vs.5).

When I read that verse I realised the following:

Choosing God's way, choosing to do the right thing, can be a sacrifice.

People don't always understand or approve when we do stand up for God and choose His way, so they can come against us when we do that.

But we can also be our own worst enemy when it comes to choosing God's way, for again it might ask of us to do something we don't want to do.

And it always asks of us to lay down our own will and ways in favour or God's will and ways.

Loving and serving can ask of us to sacrifice something.

Choosing God's will and ways can ask of us to sacrifice something.

I need to examine my heart to see if I am prepared to sacrifice whatever it takes in order to please God.

How about you - what is in your heart?

Are you prepared to sacrifice for the sake of God's will and ways?