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I was angry.

I was angry with him because of what he had done and I was angry that we had to pick up the pieces and pay the price while he went on his merry way without any consequences.

And I didn't mind telling the Lord about my anger and how unfair I thought this whole thing was.

God allowed me to complain.

He allowed me to pour my heart out and get every ugly thought and attitude out into the open.

Then He corrected me - very gently I might add.

He pointed out that He had gone through this whole scenario Himself - without complaining.

He reminded me that we were the ones who had messed up. We were the ones who had broken the once perfect relationship between Him and us. We were the ones who chose to walk away and follow our own way.

Nothing was His fault. It was all ours.

And yet He stepped in and picked up the pieces.

He came and literally died to pay the price we should have paid.

So we can go on our merry way without the consequences of eternally being separated from Him.

Yes, people do crazy things and sometimes we pay the price while there are no consequences for them.

But when this happens, maybe we should take a step back and remember what the Lord had done for us.

We should remember His sacrifice.

We should remember the price He paid.

We should remember how everything He went through was so we didn't have to do it, so we didn't have to pay the price and face the consequences.

We should remember He forgave us.

And then we should turn around and forgive others.