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I have rejoiced in your laws as much as in riches
(Psalm 119:14)

I wonder how many people in the world today would be willing to say the words quoted above.

We are constantly bombarded with the idea that true joy lies in earthly treasures. The more you have, the happier you will be.

While God is certainly not against His children having earthly treasures, the only Treasure that will bring everlasting and true joy is God Himself.

When we belong to Him, cling to Him and trust in Him, our lives change. He fills us with joy and peace, and we learn to be content even in the most difficult times. We also begin to notice how all things work together for our good. 

God's ways are the only way. His ways work. Ours don't. 

Let us shift our focus from rejoicing in riches to rejoicing in Him and His ways. 

Let us make Him our greatest Treasure.

PRAY WITH ME: Lord, help me to rejoice in You and Your ways. Help me see You as my greatest Treasure.