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Marlene has three Scottish Terriers named Jack, Jessie and Maggie.

Jessie loves killing birds, not because she wants to eat them, but because she is able to. You know, she does it because she can.

Marlene keeps their dog pellets in the kitchen to keep the birds from finishing the food before the dogs even had an opportunity to eat.

The other day she noticed something amazing.

The three dogs were lying in the kitchen next to the bowls with pellets.

A young dove walked into the kitchen and hopped onto Jack's back.

The dove walked over the dog and jumped off his nose, hopped onto Jessie's back, walked over her, jumped off her nose, jumped on Maggie's back, walked over her, jumped off her nose and proceeded to walk over to the bowl with pellets. 

It then ate as many pellets as it could, and then did the whole routine back to the kitchen door where it walked out as if nothing had happened.

Marlene was flabbergasted.

The fact that Jessie didn't even react to the dove was truly astonishing.

This became a daily thing.

The dove would come into the kitchen and eat until it couldn't eat anymore and then walk out.

Sometimes the dogs were in the kitchen, other times they weren't, but when they were they ignored the dove even when it walked right passed them or over them.

Marlene says this reminded her of God's protection in our lives.

The little dove has no idea how dangerous it is to be so close to the dogs, especially to Jessie.

He merrily walks along and has his breakfast oblivious to the fact that death is inches away from him.

We go through life the same way. 

We don't realising how many times the Lord is protecting us from harm, or even from death.

Maybe that's a good thing, because knowing could cause us to walk in fear all the time.

But maybe it's a bad thing too, because we don't always remember to thank the Lord at the end of each day for His protection during that day.

Let us make a point of thanking the Lord for His protection whether we know what He protected us from or not.

He is so good and faithful.

Let's give Him the glory and the honour He deserves!