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Have you ever found that your mind tends to wander when you try to talk to God in your thoughts?

I have. I will be talking to the Lord, and then I will suddenly realise I have stopped talking to Him, and I am thinking about other things.

However, I have found a very simple and practical solution to the problem.

The Lord didn't specifically tell me to start praying this way, but I do believe He helped me find the solution.

I began to pray using my mouth and my voice, instead of just my mind.

I don't pray out loud, I whisper, but I do it loud enough so I can hear my own voice. 

Praying this way keeps my mind from wandering, because my focus is on speaking to the Lord.

I do this every time I pray, even when I pray in church. 

Another thing I do is to read my Bible in the same way. It helps me to hear the Word of God and it also keeps my attention on what I am doing instead of allowing my mind to wander all over the place. 

And speaking to the Lord using my mouth and my voice, kind of makes Him seem more 'there'. Yes, I know He is with me at all times, but He can seem pretty far away when I only speak to Him in my mind. So praying this way helps me be aware of His presence with me.

If you find that your mind wanders when you pray, try this solution.

You might just be surprised with the difference it will make in your prayer life.