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Everyone has their favourite verses in Scripture.

Psalm 23 is probably a favourite of many.

It is definitely one of my favourites because of the beautiful picture of our Good Shepherd.

Yesterday during my quiet time the Lord prompted me to study this Psalm once again.

And for the first time I noticed how intimate this Psalm truly is.

It begins with the words "The Lord".

Not God.

The Lord.

To me this is such an intimate name for our God.

Calling Him my Lord is saying that He is first in my life. It says He is in control, calling the shots so to speak. It says that I love Him above all else. It says I am close to Him and growing closer each and every day. It says I know Him and I am getting to know Him better all the time.

The rest of the Psalm speaks of what the Lord is doing for me.

Not for someone else.

For me.

Again it is very intimate.

The great thing about this Psalm is the fact that all God's children can read it and see their own intimate relationship with their Good Shepherd pictured there.

I admit, words almost fail me to describe to you the way I saw this Psalm yesterday morning, so I want to encourage you to read it for yourself. 

Ask the Lord to open your eyes to the intimate picture captured in this Psalm. 

I promise you, it is awesome to see!