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Remember the movie, The Lion King? 

Remember the scene where Timon and Pumbaa find Simba? Pumbaa gives Simba this advice: "It's times like this my buddy Timon here says: you got to put your behind in your past." Then Timon replies: "No, no, no. Amateur. Lie down before you hurt yourself. It's 'You got to put your past behind you.'" 

I was reminded of this scene on Friday morning during the sermon when the pastor spoke about our past and how Jesus took care of that.

And I thought, "Yes, our past is now behind us."

We don't have to look back anymore. 

We can be like Paul who said, "...but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead..." (Philippians 3:13).

Through His death and resurrection Jesus erased our past.

Now God doesn't see our sins and trespasses when He looks at us, He sees the perfect righteousness of Jesus.

But Jesus didn't just take care of our past.

He also took care of our present.

He is our Source of everything we need (we will look into this truth in more detail next week, so don't forget to join me!).

He gives us the ability and the power we need to be obedient to Daddy God and He takes care of us in every possible way.

So Jesus took care of our past and our present.

But what about our future?


He took care of our future as well!

In Him we have been reconciled with God and we are once again in relationship with Him.

Because of what Jesus had done for us we have the hope of a future with God in His heavenly home, now also our heavenly home.

Jesus did it all.

He took care of our past, so we don't have to keep on looking back but can look to Him and be of use to Him in His Kingdom.

He took care of our present, becoming for us all we need to live a life for God while here on earth.

And He took care of our future, promising us eternity with Him.

He is wonderful, and He deserves all our praise and thanksgiving.

Take some time today to worship Him for what He has done for you and thank Him for taking care of your past, your present, and your future.