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In a book I once read the author wrote our biggest problem was... our own way.

That's why Adam and Eve sinned - they wanted to do things their way instead of God's way.

And that is why we sin as well.

We all want our own way even when we know that God's way is the better way, the way to blessing, the way that works.

We convince ourselves that this time... this time it will be different. This time our way will work.

Just to find out what we've known all along.

Our way never works.

Not ever.

Someone else wrote that Satan doesn't want us to do things his way; he wants us to do it our way.

Because when we do it our way, he wins.

So we all need to learn this one lesson: there is only one right way. God's way.

Don't try your way.

Your way is a guarantee to failure.

Do it God's way.

If you don't know what His way is, get into His Word. He wrote it all down for us.

And once you know His way, don't try it your way anymore. Do it His way.

His way is guaranteed to be a huge success!