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In preparation for our Bible study this week we have to read through the Book of Revelation.

Revelation is a difficult book, for it is full of prophesies that can be hard to understand.

In the third verse of the very first chapter we read: "Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near."

The word 'heed' means to 'pay attention to; take notice of'.

So we see we will be blessed when we read and hear the words of the prophecy and when we pay attention to or take notice of the things which are written in it.

It doesn't say we have to understand everything regarding the prophecy, just that we should read, hear and pay attention to it.

The same applies to the rest of the Word.

There will be times when you read the Word and afterwards think, "I didn't get anything out of my reading today. There are things I've read which I don't understand."

Don't let that stop you from reading the Word!

Keep going.

Keep reading.

At exactly the right time the Lord will give you the revelation you need.

You see, there are things you will not understand until you understand certain other things first.

It is like building a house.

You start off with a foundation.

Then you build the walls.

On top of the walls you put the roof.

You cannot construct the roof when you only have a foundation but no walls.

Brick by brick you have to build your house; every day building some more on top of what you have built the previous day.

You don't build a house in just one day.

In the same way you will never be able to understand the whole Bible the first time you read it.

Day by day you have to read and study some more, trusting the Lord to give you understanding, building a little bit at a time.

Over time you will notice you know and understand more than you used to.

Then you still need to keep reading and studying, for we will never understand all there is to understand regarding the Lord and His Word while we are here on earth.

Take the time each day to read the Word.

Take time to study it more in depth as well.

Plant the seed of the Word in your heart.

The Holy Spirit will help you understand what you need to understand.

And the things you don't understand will still be seed in your heart that will germinate when the conditions are right and then those things will become clear to you as well.

Don't neglect spending time with the Lord in His Word.

Allow the Holy Spirit to teach you all things and to lead you into all the truth found in the Word.