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I read a very interesting article by Robert MacDonald on making time for exercise.

When he talks to a new client he always asks the person how many hours they spend at work each week. To illustrate he assigns 70 hours to work.

He then assigns the person eight hours of sleep a night which gives a total of 56 hours a week. 

The total now stands at 126 hours used for work and sleep out of a possible 168. 

He also assigns them two hours a day in which to commute to work adding up to 10 hours for five days of work. Three hours a week gets assigned for grocery shopping and twenty hours for quality time with the family.

That brings the total to 159 hours. 

According to MacDonald that leaves a person with nine hours to train.

As I read the article I immediately thought about making time to read the Word and pray - in other words, making time to spend time with God.

The point MacDonald is trying to make is that we all have time for exercise. We just think we don't.

The same applies to spending time with the Lord.

We all have time to do it, we just think we don't.

If you should listen to the audio Bible, or a teaching or sermon while commuting to work, you are spending time with the Lord.

You could do the same while jogging or cycling or while doing some other exercise instead of listening to music. 

Someone sent me an email the other day saying that he realised he would never pray if he didn't make time to do it.

You see, the Satan would like us to believe we are way to busy to spend time with the Lord.

But that is just not true.

You don't have to spend time in front of the television every night. You could just as easily use that time to pray and read your Bible.

We need to learn to put spending time with the Lord first and then build our schedule around that, instead of trying to fit spending time with the Lord somewhere into our busy schedule.

It would be interesting to do an experiment by assigning hours to whatever you are doing each day. You may just realise there are moments that go to waste that you could spend in a different way.

You may also realise you are spending too much time on things that have no eternal value instead of doing those things that will echo into eternity.

May the Lord help each one of us to lay aside those things that don't really matter and take up only those that are in His plan for our lives.

May He also help us to make time to spend time with Him.