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Yesterday I told you about Elul. I also gave you the address for a website where you can download more information on Elul as well as some guidelines to help you during this time of repentance.

I am following those guidelines in my quiet time. Yesterday the focus was on loving God and loving others.

As I was praying about this, asking the Lord to help me love Him and those around me, I had this picture of standing at a crossroad. I can choose to go in one direction and in doing so I will love and serve God and people. But I can also choose to go the other direction, which would mean I am turning away from loving and serving God and others.

So I asked the Lord to help me choose to go His way every time.

But then these words came out of my mouth, "Lord, so often loving and serving You or others is a sacrifice..."

Those words almost stopped me in my track, for I realised that is why I don't always choose to go the love-way when I stand at that crossroad. I don't want to sacrifice - not myself, not my time, not my money, not my plans - so the easiest thing to do is to choose to go the other way.

However, that is not what God did.

He made the biggest sacrifice ever when Daddy God sent Jesus and He gave His life to save us from sin and to bring us in relationship with God again.

Who are we, then, to refuse to sacrifice when expressing love to God or others?

I saw my own sin in doing this - I am selfish. 

I want what is best for me, but not necessarily what is best for someone else.

God didn't do that.

He did what was best for us even when the cost was tremendous.

I want to what is confenient for me.

God did what was good for us regardless of the inconvenience in doing so.

You see, loving God or others will sometimes mean we have to sacrifice something. It won't always be easy, but when we rely on the help of the Holy Spirit, we will be able to do this.

Let us remember Romans 13:8 where we are told to owe no man anything but to love one another.

Let us rely on the Holy Spirit to help us be willing to sacrifice when we need to in order to love and serve God or others.

Let us keep our eyes on Jesus and His sacrifice.