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A young Christian woman named Mary made a vow to herself to never get involved in any immorality. She saw too many of her friends give in to temptation and what it did to their lives. She wanted to do what was pleasing to the Lord, so she vowed to live a morally pure life.

For a while she was able to stick to her decision, but one weekend, in a moment of weakness, she gave in to temptation and slept with her boyfriend.

Mary was devastated.

She couldn't forgive herself. In an attempt to find help to forgive herself she went to see a counsellor.

Imagine her surprise when the counsellor told her what she thought was the worst day of her life could actually have been the best!

"How can you say that?" Mary asked.

"But it's true, Mary," replied the counsellor. "You did a great thing when you decided to live a morally pure life, but unfortunately you tried to do it in your own strength. You now know you are not able to keep yourself righteous, but that you need the help of the Lord. He is the only One who can keep you righteous." 

Haven't we all made that mistake somewhere in our lives?

We see an instruction from the Lord in His Word and decide we are going to be obedient to it.

All goes well for a while, but then, without fail, we all fail!

The reason for our failure?

We try to do God's will and obey His instructions in our own strength.

But the Lord has never asked us to do anything in our own strength. He knows we are not able to do anything without Him. In fact, Jesus told us we can do nothing apart from Him (John 15:5).

God knows we can do nothing without Him helping us, but we don't always know that.

And even when we do know it, we so often still try and do things in our own strenght.

God gave us His Spirit to help us. We now have to learn to rely on His Spirit and to allow Him to do in us and for us what we can't do in and for ourselves.

Remember, you can't keep yourself righteous, only God can.

You can't obey Him without His help.

You can't even believe Him without Him giving you His faith so you can believe.

Lean on the Lord and trust in Him. 

Let Him be God. 

Allow Him to take over and to live the Christian life through you.

It will make all the difference in your life!