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I love writing.

Well, I guess that's kind of obvious. Why else would I write these posts every day?

Because I love writing I also love journaling.

I use a diary, actually meant for jotting down your appointments, to write down what the Lord teaches me every day or what experiences I have with Him.

The other day I read an interesting idea in a Bible Study.

I quote: "We learn so much about God in this study that we thought it would be good to keep a "Journal on God". In fact, you could continue this journal throughout your study of God's Word." **

I think this is such a wonderful idea!

When you journal about the things you learn about God from His Word, you have a reference that you can turn to when you are facing any difficulty to remind yourself of Who God is.

This journal can also become "praise prompts" when you want to praise the Lord in prayer.

Reading through it can even help you focus on the Lord and find rest for your soul.

Though I haven't yet started journaling about the Lord this way I plan to do it and I might just write some posts on the things I've learnt.

Why don't you join me and begin your own "Journal on God"?

You might be surprises how it could influence your relationship with the Lord!


** Precept upon Precept, Wrestling with God - Precept Ministries