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Jesus is our Saviour.

He starts by saving us from Satan unto God.

He saves us from the dominion of darkness to the Kingdom of Light.

He saves us from sin unto righteousness.

He saves us from spending eternity away from God in hell to spending eternity in the Presence of God in heaven.

But He does so much more than these things we normally classify under the heading, 'save' or 'salvation'.

When we are sick, He saves us from that sickness and gives us healing.

When we are in need, He saves us from that need and provides whatever it is we needed.

When our marriage or any other relationship is in trouble, He saves us from that trouble and restores the marriage or relationship.

Any bad thing we can think of; any need that arises; any situation or problem we are facing is an opportunity for our Lord to step in and be our Saviour.

When we were born again (saved), we had to believe He died in our place to restore our relationship with God, and we had to receive what He had done for us by faith. In the same way in the situations mentioned above, we also have to believe He is able and willing to do what we ask Him and then receive it from Him by trusting Him to do what we have asked.

Let the Lord be your Saviour today. He is bigger than the problem you are facing and He is ready to save you if you only ask and believe.