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In a blog post on hearing God speak Lori Hatcher writes her family was facing a difficult time so she told the Lord she needed a word from Him.

As she was reading her Bible that morning, the Lord spoke to her through His written Word, comforting and encouraging her and reminding her He would show mercy to her and her family.

That same day she got an email from a friend.

The friend didn't know about the difficult circumstances but she sent Lori an encouraging note and ended it with some verses from Scripture, and again the Lord used some of those verses to speak to Lori. This time the message was on hope.

During their Sunday School class that morning the Lord used their teacher to speak to Lori again and again the message was about hope.

I can relate to her experience as I have experienced the exact same thing myself on more than one occasion.

The Lord uses His Word, or godly friends or the sermon on a Sunday to speak to us. He can speak to us through an email filled with Scripture or a devotion we read or even an article in a Christian magazine.

The Lord is speaking to us we just have to be attentive and listen for His voice.

We have to position ourselves to hear Him speak.

If Lori decided to skip her quiet time that morning, she would have missed the Lord comforting her and reminding her of the mercy He shows us.

And if she decided to sleep in and not go to church, she would have missed God's message on hope.

Reading her words I wondered how often we miss the Lord's voice because we don't position ourselves to hear Him.

It is so easy to get busy with things that seem very important or urgent, and skip our quiet time.

It is easy to sleep late on a Sunday morning or to make plans with the family or with friends and then not go to church.

There are so many ways we can keep ourselves from hearing the Lord speak to us.

But there are just as many ways we can position ourselves to hear Him speak.

So what have you been doing?

Have you been keeping yourself from hearing the Lord's voice?

Or have you been positioning yourself to hear Him speak?