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In one of her blog posts Kris Camealy writes about the way she has always viewed her body, which was negative, but how she is now beginning to see it through the eyes of God.

She writes her body is a greenhouse of sorts, that seeds had been sown and grown in it, seeds that became the lives of four other human beings - her four children.

The greenhouse image grabbed my attention, but not in the way she was speaking about it.

While a woman's body might be a greenhouse of sorts to bear children, our hearts are greenhouses where Word-seeds are sown and are to grow to full maturity and produce a bountiful harvest.

In the parable of the sower Jesus speaks about four types of soil. Since the sower in the parable sowed the seed outside, not all the soil were good soil, but some had thorns and some had rocks that hindered the growth of the seed. There was also a lack of moisture in some of the soil.

But in a greenhouse there isn't supposed to be any of these problems.

The soil used in a greenhouse is of top quality, the best money can buy.

There are no rocks or thorns present in a greenhouse and moisture is never a problem for greenhouses often have sprinkler systems to water the plants whenever water is needed.

In a greenhouse the gardener tenderly cares for the plants. He makes sure there are enough nutrients in the soil so the plants can grow, and beware the weed that finds its way into the greenhouse, for the gardener will get rid of it as soon as he sees it. 

Just imagine if we all viewed ourselves as greenhouses where our hearts are concerned.

If we all made sure we had good soil in our hearts, without any weeds or rocks or thorns. If we took care of our heart-soil by making sure it had enough nutrients and water so the Word-seeds that are sown can grow.... what a harvest we would produce!

In Proverbs we are told to "watch over your heart with all diligence" (4:23).

Let us make the daily choice to do exactly that, to keep our hearts free from anything that will hinder the growth of the Word-seed in it. Let us make sure there is enough moisture by watering the Word-seed every day with water from the Word.

And let us work with the Lord so we can produce a bountiful harvest to glorify our King.