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Robin Long from The Balanced Life started a daily practice of writing down things she's grateful for during a difficult season in her life. It's been a number of years since she began doing this and it has helped her tremendously. 

As she chose to focus on the things she's grateful for her attitude began to change. She became a happier and less stressed woman. Thanks to the practice she's trained her brain to focus on the good even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Earlier this year she had a miscarriage, and though it was difficult, she was able to be grateful for the two children she has, as well as for God's mercy and for the way the whole thing went down, for it could have been much worse. 

Her story is so encouraging, and it serves as an example of how gratitude can change the way we view life.

In more than one verse in the Bible, God instructs us to be thankful. He instructs us to make our requests known with thanksgiving (Philippians 4:6). He instructs us to give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5:18). In fact, there it is even stated that it is His will for us in Christ Jesus to always rejoice, to continually pray, and to give thanks in all circumstances. That's how serious God is about us being grateful and giving thanks.

I read somewhere that by offering a simple 'thank you', we acknowledge we received something the giver wasn't under any obligation to give.

He is under no obligation to give us anything, and yet, in His love, mercy and grace He showers us with blessing upon blessing.

When was the last time you thanked God for what He has done for you?

Do you thank Him for every blessing you receive, or do you take them for granted or think you are entitled to them?

I want to challenge you to set aside time to spend in prayer, but instead of asking the Lord for anything, just thank Him. Thank Him for who He is. Thank Him for what He has done and is doing in your life. List all the blessings you can think of and thank Him for it. 

And if you are up for it, take it one step further and start a daily practice of writing down a couple of things you are grateful for. Try to write down something different every day. This will help you to identify the many blessings you receive from the Lord on a daily basis.

Let us give thanks at all times, for it is God's will for us in Christ Jesus!