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After posting yesterday's thought on the web page I realised that I could have been misunderstood in what I had written, so today I just want to clarify something.

I told you about the cold symptoms I had, and how I acted on God's Word by not taking any medication or bed rest.

Here is what I want to clarify - I believe this is what the Lord led me to do in taking action on His Word.

He might not lead you to do the same thing, even though you might be in the same situation.

Think about the battles the Israelites fought when they were taking the land of Canaan from its original inhabitants. 

They didn't fight each battle in the same way.

The Lord led them to do something different every time. And sometimes what He told them to do didn't make sense at all - just think about the battle of Jericho!

Another example is our Lord Jesus Himself.

He healed a lot of people, but never in the same way.

He always did what the Father led Him to do in that specific situation.

Take David. One time when the Philistines came against him and the nation of Israel, he asked the Lord, "Shall I go up against the Philistines? Will You give them into my hand?" To which the Lord replied, "Go up, for I will certainly give the Philistines into your hand" (2 Samuel 5:19).

David did as the Lord told him to do and won the battle.

A while later the Philistines again came against David and his army. Again David asked the Lord what to do. But this time the Lord said, "You shall not go directly up; circle around behind them and come at them in front of the balsam trees. It shall be, when you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the balsam trees, then you shall act promptly, for then the Lord will have gone out before you to strike the army of the Philistines." David did as the Lord instructed and again he won the battle.

David didn't just assume it would be okay to fight the second battle the same way he fought the first. No, he went to the Lord again and inquired of Him, following His instructions to the letter.

We should do the same.

We should inquire of the Lord what to do in any particular situation. We should wait for His answer and follow His instructions.

Don't follow the instructions He gave someone else even when your situation is exactly the same.

Ask the Lord what to do.

While it is very important to walk by faith and to learn how to receive by faith, it is also very important to ask the Lord for His instructions, to learn to listen to Him, and to obey what He tells you to do.