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It has been said that one can only change one habit at a time. When you try to change more than one, you will fail. But focusing on just one habit at a time and taking the necessary steps each day to change that habit will lead to success.

This sounded like good advice, not just where my habits are concerned, but in all areas of my life. 

So I got quiet before the Lord and asked Him what is the one thing He would like me to focus on for the next month (or maybe longer if He leads me to focus on it for longer than a month)?

After asking the question the same two concepts came up in a lot of blogs, emails or devotionals I read: solitude and listening.

I wondered why the Lord kept bringing this up until it finally dawned on me that He was trying to answer my question! 

And I began to wonder: how would my life and my relationship with Him change if I took the time to be quiet with Him - not praying or reading the Word or even pondering the Word, but just sitting quietly with Him? What would He teach me during those times of solitude? How would He touch my heart in those quiet moments?

I am used to doing a lot of reading and praying during my quiet time, so to sit still and just listen could be a challenge for me.

But I also know the Lord will help me. He will give me the grace to do it. 

I've read so many books where believers are being encouraged to spend time with the Lord just listening. I even wrote about it myself, but I have to admit, I've been failing where this is concerned. 

Like I said, I'm too used to doing something during my quiet time, so when I do try the 'listening' thing the 'habit' only sticks for a couple of days before I sweep it under the rug and go back to my former ways.

However, this needs to change. 

We all need accountability, so right here in this blog post I am committing myself to following the Lord's instructions and spend at least a part of my quiet time each day just sitting with Him, listening to Him.

I might get back to you in a little while to give some feedback on how this is going, but in the meantime, won't you do me a favour and pray for me to give this my all and to allow the Lord to do in my life what He knows is best.

Thank you for your prayers!