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A certain Scottish minister was in the habit of giving thanks, first thing when the Sunday service began. One particular Sunday the weather was very dismal, and the members of the congregation wondered if he would find something to be grateful for on such a miserable morning. When the service began the minister walked up to the pulpit and prayed, "We thank Thee, Lord, that it is not always like this."

It is so much easier to find things to be grateful for when there is smooth sailing and going your way. But when the seas are rough, and nothing works out the way you've planned, being grateful often falls by the wayside.

However, when life becomes difficult is precisely the time we need to focus on the things we are grateful for. 

Gratitude helps us remember our blessings. It helps us pay attention during the day to discover even the smallest things we can be grateful for.

Gratitude is good for the heart, the soul and the body. 

Take some time tonight and write down ten things you are grateful for. If you have a person or persons on that list, sent them a message or call them to tell them you are grateful for them. Your list will most certainly include a lot of blessings. Thank the Lord for each one of them, for they came from Him in the first place.

Don't let the good things in your life go unnoticed. Get into the habit of noticing them and then giving thanks.

May your day be filled with gratitude!