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"Don't let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust so in Me"
(John 14:1)

It is just hours before Jesus' arrest and crucified. For a while now He has been telling the disciples what was going to happen to Him, that He would die but be raised to life on the third day.

Now, during some of His last words spoken to them, He tells them not to let their hearts be troubled, but to trust the Father and Him.

The Lord never tells us to do something we are unable to do with His help. Therefore, when He told the disciples not to let their hearts be troubled, it was something they were able to do. Though the Holy Spirit wasn't in them yet, He was with them (vs.17), so they already had the Helper with them to help them do what Jesus instructed. 

It was their job to work with the Holy Spirit to refrain from being troubled and only to believe. It is our responsibility to guard our hearts against being troubled as well.

And Jesus tells them, and us, exactly how to prevent our hearts from being troubled. He tells the disciples (and us) to trust in God the Father and to also trust in Him. In our case, that means we find what the Word has to say about the problem that is tempting us to be troubled, and we believe what God has to say instead of what we experience.

Jesus had been telling the disciples exactly what was going to happen during the next three or four days. They knew He would die, but also that He would be raised to life again (vs.20). They knew this, so they were able to believe what He had said, and trust the Father to do it, therefore they were able to keep their hearts from being troubled. They had the words of the Father to cling to (vs.10). But they didn't. The moment trouble was in the air, they lost their grip on what Jesus had said, and they abandoned Him.

We do the same thing. We allow what we see, hear, feel, and experience to shift our focus from what God had said, and then we begin to worry. Our hearts become troubled, and all faith, or most of our faith, flies out the door.

We should learn to keep our focus on the Lord and on His Word. We should learn to trust Him even in the face of great difficulty. Whatever He says about our problem is the truth. It might not look like the truth at present, but He never lies; so you can trust Him to turn the situation around until it looks exactly like the truth in His Word.

Do not let your heart be troubled. Trust in the Father. Trust also in Jesus. Take Him at His word and never let go of your faith. Ask the help of the Holy Spirit. He is our Helper, after all. And you will see your situation change. You will see your problem fixed. 

God is faithful.

Let go of all worry, and trust Him!

Lord, I thank you that You are faithful. I thank you that You never lie to me, but that I can believe every word You speak. Help me keep my eyes on Your Word instead of turning my focus to the problem. Help me walk in faith until the very end.