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In a previous post I wrote about the challenge Women Living Well Ministries has for the month of October. It is called Making Your Home a Haven.

The challenge is about living out the Word of God within the four walls of our home.

The first thing you had to do for the challenge was buy a candle you can light every day. The candle serves as a reminder to pray for peace in your home. 

I've put my candle in the kitchen. I light it every morning when I boil the kettle for coffee, and then I pray for God's peace, joy, righteousness, wholeness and wisdom to fill our home. I also pray for protection and I invite the Lord to be in control of everything that happens in our home.

About a week ago I read a devotion on peace and how the Lord wants us to be contributors to peace.

As I read it, the Lord drew my attention to the fact that I cannot pray for peace in my home and then not be a contributor to that peace. 

While thinking about it a verse from the book of Matthew came to mind: "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God" (Matthew 5:9).

In order to have peace in my home, I have to be a peacemaker. I have to do those things that will ensure peace in our home. I have to be patient with my husband. I have to be kind and loving towards him at all times. And when he does something that makes me angry, I still have to maintain my peace and not give in to my emotions.

This is not easy.

But it can be done.


Because the Lord Himself will enable me to do it.

I admit that I don't always contribute to the peace in our home.

I have failed a couple of times after the Lord spoke to me about being a contributor to peace.

But I will not give up.

I will do what Paul did - I will forget about my failures, and reach towards the goal of being a contributor to peace.

I will trust the Lord to help me accomplish what He instructed me to do.

God's peace will reign in our home!