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The other day I read about a man named Steve Perkins. He was driving home one night feeling very sad and discouraged. He prayed about it, pouring his heart out to the Lord.

At one point he said, "Lord, I sometimes doubt You even know my name!"

As he looked up, a lorry with the name Steve Perkins written on the side passed in front of him.

What do you think his reaction was?

The story doesn't say, but I think he had a heart filled with joy. God was telling him He knows his name.

And the thing is, God doesn't just know our names, He knows everything about us. He knows all the good and the bad. He knows our thoughts before we think them. He knows our words before we utter them.

God knows us like no one else. And He loves us!

He doesn't focus on the wrong things we've done in the past. He doesn't hold our sins against us. He offers us His forgiveness in Christ Jesus. He also offers us His love. Unconditionally.

All He asks is for you to come to Him in faith. Believe in His Son, believe His Word. Believe Him.

When you choose to do so, He even gives you the necessary faith.

God knows your name.

He loves you.

He has adopted you into His family and is your Daddy God.

Come to Him when you feel discouraged. Pour your heart out to Him.

He is waiting to comfort you and to assure you of His love.

Who knows, He might even arrange for a lorry with your name written on the side to pass in front of your car!

ACTION STEP: Go some place where it is quiet. Light a candle if possible. When you see the flickering flame, remember that God is light, and He wants to fill you with His light and His love. Invite Him to pour His love out on you. Now be quiet and allow the Lord to do what you have asked.