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While praying the other day, the Lord impressed on my heart that we are all broken people. It's not just those who had a bad start in life that is broken and damaged; we all are. 

We came into this world as broken and damaged people because of sin. And even when you've had the best childhood ever, your parents still made mistakes, and you were broken a little bit more. Friends break us. Strangers break us. Our work can break us. Even church break some people. In short, we get broken a little here and a little there by just living life.

But Jesus came to heal our brokenness. He came to repair the damage and make us whole again.

When we are born again, our spirit man is completely renewed, so there is no brokenness left in our spirit. However, the rest is still broken and damaged in places and need the healing, restorative hand of the Lord.

Little by little, He works on us, removing the damage and making us whole again. He doesn't do this all at once, but step by step as we are ready for and receptive to His healing first in one area, then in another.

This process will continue for the rest of our lives because we live in a broken world that can break and damage us again at any given moment.

Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, is with us every step of our journey through life. And as we become aware of another part of us that has been broken or damaged, we can come to the Lord and accept His offer of healing and wholeness.

We don't always realise we are broken, as most of us probably don't think of ourselves as broken or damaged people. If you are aware of any place in your life where you are broken and need the Lord's healing, don't hesitate to come to Him and ask Him to heal you and make you whole again. And if you don't think you are broken in any way, come to the Lord anyway. Ask Him to show you where there is brokenness in your life. Ask Him to help you acknowledge the truth and to heal you and make you whole.

PRAY WITH ME: Lord Jesus, thank you for giving Your life so I can live and be alive to God. Thank you for taking my brokenness and making me whole again.