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A professor gave a lecture on languages. 

"When one learns a new language, one of the first things you learn is the way to use a verb," he said. "We say: I am, you are, he is. That's the way it works in all languages: English, French, German, Italian, Latin. Every language follows the same pattern: I walk, you walk, he walks. I - you - he. But don't you think that is a selfish way to refer to people? Did you know the old Hebrews did it differently? They said: He is, you are, I am. I am last."

He then proceeded to give them this piece of advice: "Looking up to God, 'He is'. Then look at your neighbour and say, 'you are', and last off all think of yourself and say, 'I am". 

God first, then my neighbour, then me.

One man, who heard the lecture, was so struck by it, he kept thinking about it. He found an expert in Hebrew and asked him if this was true. 

"Yes," the expert said, "that is how Hebrew speaking people say it. But why do you ask?"

The man told him about the lecture and how the professor said Hebrew was different from the other languages of the world.

"I've been studying Hebrew all my life," the expert said, "but it never occurred to me that Hebrew verbs can have that beautiful significance. He is; you are; I am! It is wonderful, wonderful!"

Since the time of Abraham God taught His people how to speak: God first, my neighbour second, and me last. 

That's what Jesus taught us as well. 

Put God first in your life. 

Then take care of your neighbour.

And lastly, think of yourself.

Unfortunately, the world tells us the complete opposite.

In the world, I am first. I always look out for my own interests, and I donít worry about anyone else. Sometimes I will look out for someone else, but only if they are family and friends. And maybe I will look out for someone who isnít family when he can repay me in some way for what Iíve done for him.

In the world, God often comes last. Or He doesnít feature at all.

Let us begin to change the way we think and speak: God first. My neighbour comes second. And I am last in line.

What a difference that would make to the way we act!