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Otto Koning was a missionary who worked under the natives in the jungle of Papua New Guinea.

Pineapples were the only thing that grew in the jungle, so he began cultivating pineapples. 

Unfortunately the pineapples never had the opportunity to ripen, for the natives would steal them while they were still small and green.

For seven years Otto did all he know to do to stop them from stealing his pineapples, but nothing worked.

Then he went to a convention where he heard someone say we all have to die to self and give all we have to the Lord. That includes your heart, your possessions and everything you think you are entitled to. God knows how to take care of His possessions, and when you give something to the Lord, you will never again fall short of having enough of it. 

Immediately Otto decided to give the pineapples to the Lord, and in prayer he did exactly that.

Back in Papua New Guinea he began to notice the pineapples getting bigger than before. The natives still stole them, but now it didn't bother Otto at all, because the pineapples now belonged to the Lord.

He still didn't get to eat any of the pineapples he cultivated, but he began receiving an abundance of pineapples from other people. 

I share this story with you to tell you it really works giving things to the Lord and leaving them in His hands.

For quite a while we have been having problems with two people leasing flats from us.

One was constantly complaining about the other one. He made too much noise... his music was too loud... when his friends came to visit he could hear them talk... On and on it went. We tried everything we could think of to solve the problem, but nothing worked. 

Every weekend it was the same story. Phone calls, messages, emails... to tell us how much the noise bothered him.

Then my dad read the story about Otto Koning. He even went as far as to download the video from Youtube so he could watch it.

And he decided we should do what Otto did - give the problem to the Lord and allow Him to take care of it and sort it out.

We did. 

And the Lord did what only He could do.

Since giving the problem into His hands we have not heard a peep from the complainer.

He simply stopped complaining about his neighbour.

We have no idea what the Lord did, but that doesn't really matter. What does matter is the fact that He solved the problem. 

Is there something in your life you are struggling with?

Do you have a need of some kind?

Remember to bring all things to the Lord.

Place it in His hands and allow Him to do what you can't do.

Trust Him and see Him work things out in your life.