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Many, many years ago there lived a man and a woman in a beautiful garden.

The Creator was their best Friend and they enjoyed walking and talking with Him in the cool of the day.

That is until the serpent came on the scene.

He was jealous of the friendship between the Creator and the man and woman, so he tricked them into disobeying the only command the Creator gave them.

They ate from the one tree the Creator told them not to eat, and in the moment they ate, everything changed.

One of these changes was that their eyes were opened and they saw they were naked. 

They were ashamed to see each other naked, and they did not want the Creator to see them naked at all, so they made a plan.

They took some fig leaves and sewed them together and made themselves loin coverings.

That night when they heard the Creator walk in the garden, they hid from Him. But the Creator called to them, and they came to Him saying, "I heard the sound of You in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid myself."

The man and woman had to admit what they had done, that they had been disobedient to the Creator. 

In His love and kindness He did what they could not do themselves - He made garments of skin and clothed them.

This was the first time a life was taken and blood was spilt in order to cover the sin of men.

Fast forward to the time we live in.

The Creator still wants to be our best Friend and walk and talk with us, but we are constantly listening to the serpent and disobeying the Creator.

However, again He came with a solution.

He sent His only Son to give His life and die in our place, but this time it doesn't just cover our sin, His blood takes away our sin completely, as if they never even happened.

He also clothes our nakedness, just as He did with the man and woman in the garden.

But this time we don't get physical garments to wear, we get a spiritual garment - the robe of righteousness.

The man and woman in the garden tried their own solution when they were confronted with their sin, their disobedience to God, but their solution didn't work. Can you imagine what it must feel like to wear a loin covering made of fig leaves?

The man and woman had to look to the Creator to give them the correct solution and to clothe them with garments of skin.

We too try our own solutions to get rid of our sin. We try to be good, but our righteousness are like the fig leaves, mere filthy rags.

We too have to look to the Creator to give us the correct solution and to clothe us with His robe of righteousness.

Have you received this wonderful gift from His hand?

He is holding it out to you.

Don't try to cover your nakedness yourself, but receive His robe of righteousness from His hand by faith.

It is a free gift.

Just take it.