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The Lord is so wonderful!

He knows exactly what we need and He knows exactly when we need it. 

He gives us what we need when we ask, but He also sometimes give us things we need before we ask.

And there are times He gives us something without us even knowing we needed it!

Yesterday the Lord blessed me with some encouragement I didn't ask for.

Early yesterday morning I watched a teaching on TV about growing up spiritually.

If you've been reading my writings for a while you would know I am always comparing myself spiritually to other people, and usually I see myself falling short.

I know this is a bad habit, and though I am working on letting it go I still find I do it from time to time.

Yesterday morning was one of those times!

As the lady who taught the message was talking, my mind was going around and around, thinking about all the things in the walk of faith I am not yet good at.

To tell you the truth, at one point I was ready to tell the Lord I am giving up on this whole thing altogether!

At the end of the message an advertisement for the product offer of the week came on. Part of the offer was a book by Kenneth E. Hagin called 'Growing up spiritually'.

So I got on the Internet to see if I could download the book for free. I found it and downloaded it. 

As I was scrolling through the book my eye caught the first few words under 'A word of encouragement'.

It said, "Don't become discouraged because you don't become a full grown Christian overnight. You didn't become a full grown human overnight. The Bible says for us to examine ourselves. It doesn't say for me to examine you, or for you to examine me. But to examine yourself. As I examine myself, in some areas I think I'm growing pretty well, that I'm pretty well matured. But as I look at another place, it seems like I'm still a baby in that area. And then as I look in another area it seems like I'm in the childhood state. I dare say you are in the same boat. Is anyone fully grown up? fully spiritual? already perfected in love? I don't think so. But, praise God, we're on our way! Don't be discouraged because you don't get there overnight. You didn't become discouraged because you went one week to school and they didn't graduate you the next. No, you stayed on in the first grade and were tickled to get in the second grade the next year. You will not grow up spiritually overnight any more than you grew up mentally or physically overnight."

The Lord knew I needed that encouragement!

Instead of becoming discouraged because I am not yet where someone else is in their walk with the Lord, I need to fix my eyes on Jesus and follow Him.

As long as I feed my spirit with the Word, spend time with the Lord in prayer and work with the Holy Spirit to apply what I've learnt to my life, I will grow spiritually.

In some areas I might find I am growing faster than in others, but that doesn't matter.

The point is, I am growing.

If I can honestly say that even though I am not where I want to be, but I am also not where I used to be, then I am achieving my goal of growing up spiritually.

Maybe you have the same habit I have.

Maybe you need encouragement as well.

Don't give up, dear friend.

Keep going.

It may take some time, but have faith in God, work with Him, and soon you will see you are not where you used to be, but you have grown and are more mature that you used to be!