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Charles Spurgeon tells the story of a man on a journey who came to an inn and decided to stay the night.

In the dining room he sat at one of the tables and ordered the most expensive meal on the menu. He also insisted on the most expensive room in the inn.

He enjoyed his stay in the inn so he decided to stay for a few days. Each day he ordered the most expensive items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He also ordered other expensive items for tea each day.

After being at the inn for a week the man decided it was time to continue his journey. He got his belongings together, got on his horse and was just about to leave when the innkeeper stopped him. 

"Sir, could you please come back inside so you can pay your bill?" the inn keeper asked. 

The man stared at the inn keeper, his mouth almost hanging open.

"I never thought about that," he said. "It never even occurred to me that there would be a bill I would have to pay at the end of my stay."

The inn keeper was equally astonished. "This man is either stupid or he is a slave! To not even realise there would come a day he had to pay! Amazing."

Spurgeon commented: "Is it not foolish to be living in this world without a thought of what you will do at the end of it? After this fashion too many live. They eat and drink and sin, but they forget the inevitable hereafter, when for all the deeds done in the body, the Lord will bring us into judgment."

Whether we like it or not; whether we realise it or not, there will one day be a day of reckoning.

Jesus already paid the price - He already settled our account, so to speak.

But we need to receive what He had done by putting our faith in Him.

Have you received Him as Saviour yet?